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3 Tropical Dream Destinations You'll Love to Go Back To: A blog about the best tropical islands

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Traveling is a dream hobby slash work for everyone who loves spontaneity and nature.

For you, who are reading right now, don't be sad or blue, we have a list for you!

Here's a list of three travel destinations that you should consider going when you finally book that plane ticket, in the near future, hopefully.


In a random order, I present to you, Jamaica! One of the Caribbean's jewels, Jamaica holds a well known beauty that travelers from all over the world, well, know. From historical landmarks, city walks and the most of all, white sand beaches! Yes! Jamaica is a treasure trove of vacation spots! From Montego to Kingston to Ochio Rios to Port Antonio, you'll never run out of spots for beach and sands!


Not to be left behind is Aruba. Yet another gem of the Caribbean. Just like how Jamaica is riddled with tourist spots, Aruba doesn't fall short. But one thing Aruba have more than the others in this list are: mining spots and, wait for it, flamingos. Yup, you heard it right. Aruba tours typically include visits to former mining and milling sites and yes, flamingos. Located in Aruba is the famous, Flamingo Beach, where you don't just swim and enjoy the beach but also watch the pink birds walk around the, well, beach. Isn't that a site? You booked for beach tan and get to see some wild flamingos too. Two birds in one flight?

Costa Mujeres

One more gem in the Caribbean is Costa Mujeres, located in Mexico. Mexico already boasts tens of phenomenal beaches, but Costa Mujeres stands apart from those well known beaches: it was, until before discovered and developed, a hidden beach spot just north of Cancun and the maybe the less "modernized" tourist spots in the region. Making it a mix of nature and a tip of modern life. More than enough to give you the rest and relaxation you need.

Alright! Just three awesome spots that you really need to visit when you have the time! What are you waiting for? Hit me up ASAP for your awesome dream vacation today!| -Tammy

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