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Planning to go Caribbean this summer? You need to read this!

Going for a vacation after long months of quarantines and lockdowns seemed like the perfect plan to refresh and regenerate but heads-up! There are still guidelines that you need to know about before booking that dream vacation you sorely need.

Covid Requirements

Being vaccinated and seeing openings of borders of almost all countries can make it seem like covid is finally over but it's not actually the case as we still can't be sure that its actually gone. While going to Cancun or Aruba for that relaxation is merited, it still is better to be safe than sorry. A quick search on google can give you the information about the covid restrictions, entry requirements and news about the virus all in a few minutes. It pays to look before you leap, or in this case book that ticket, and be financially and physically safe. Websites like and can give you an up-to-date news and give you ample space to decide whether to go or no on that dream vacation.

Promos, Promos, PROMOS!

Again with our friend google, we go for this one. Now that most countries are opening their borders for all tourists can also mean promos. Just like we said above, because of covid, most Caribbean countries experienced a 'drought' in their economy as most of them rely on tourism for their revenue. Now that the US and most paying countries have opened their border, there's a high chance that Caribbean resorts and hotels are offering promos left and right just to attract tourists like yourself and secure your booking to their country. Promos can be from hotel discounts to full blown a few nights stay with a couple of free perks can be available. Just take the time to google it.

CDC, TSA and other government bulletin updates

Now that you have made sure that the country of your destination is clear of covid and promos have been sighted, you still can't click that 'Book' button as of yet. With again our best friend, google, it pays to be updated on the latest government bulletins and travel restrictions. New outlets are an addition but we suggest you go to government websites for full announcements or even social media accounts of government agencies for up-to-date information.

Now that you've read this means you now have an idea of what to do before booking that vacation you badly need. If you don't want the hassle, get a good travel agent and just sit back and relax and just enjoy that vacation you have always wanted.

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