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Three Reasons why going on a vacation is good for your health

Still doubting whether to book that ticket to the Caribbean or not? Let us give you reasons on why you should call your agent now and book it.

1 - Reduces Stress

Going on a vacation or traveling away from your source of stress, mostly work or business, is generally a good way of reducing stress. Seeing new environment, experiencing new stimulations and just breaking the routine will really do good for your body and mind. It not only reduces stress but your brain will release for dopamines, hormones that trigger happiness within you.

2 - Good for your body

Swimming, walking around or simply breathing in that fresh ocean air is highly recommended for you. Swimming not only refreshes you from the tropical heat but also gives you that overall body exercise that rivals going to the gym for an hour. Fresh is air is what your lungs need. Need we say more?

3 - Good for your brain

We mentioned earlier that going on vacation releases dopamines within your brain but it's not limited there. Vacation trips also gives your brain a "reset" or "unloading of load" and helps it relax. Breaking from your routine gives your brain a time to move away from work and recharge.

There you go! Three more reasons to book that trip and pack up for your vacation! Want less hassle on your Caribbean trips? Click here!

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